The Benefits Of Hot Nuru Massage

Learning to perform a good hot Nuru massage and practicing it as a couple can be the first step to start again to turn our sexual relationships into fun, different and very satisfying, to know more useful reference.

In this section we have talked on other occasions about the importance of spending time on sexual contact, as this can increase desire, frequency and satisfaction, as long as it is pleasant for both members of the couple.


Sometimes many people complain that their partner is 'straight to the point' and this causes them/they do not reach the desired level of excitement. Another frequent complaint that usually occurs in consultation is the little time that is dedicated to caresses and foreplay and that all their relationships are the same, ending sexual relations by becoming boring. And all this ends up 'loading' all the good that healthy sex brings.





















Well, learning to perform a good erotic massage and practicing it as a couple can be the first step to start again to turn our sexual relationships into fun, different and very satisfying.


What Is A Hot Nuru Massage?


Create a climate of intimacy, forget about the rush, the clock and caress the body of the couple (all of it), letting ourselves be carried away by the sensations that in our body will begin to wake up.


It is a way of stimulating the body of the couple through caresses, which facilitates sexual arousal.


How To Do It?


Lower the intensity of the light, look for a pleasant temperature, play sensual music and have oils, creams on hand. Both of you must be naked, one will receive and the other will perform the hot Nuru massage (you can enjoy both, the pleasure of caressing and the pleasure of being caressed), then you exchange roles.


Warm up your hands and start at the feet and gradually rise upwards with gentle circular movements. It continues through the abdomen, breasts, back, genitals, etc. Use your whole body to caress your hair, hands or mouth and let yourself be carried away by all those sensations that are awakening in your body.












Benefits Of Hot Nuru Massage

The key is in the melee contact of both members of the couple, focus our attention on what we are feeling at each moment and stopping at the erogenous zones of each one. Thus we will achieve:


  • Contribute to relax both emotionally and physically.

  • Stimulate the sex hormones responsible for arousal and orgasm.

  • Increase sexual desire.

  • Avoid sexual routine, making the relationship more dynamic and fun.

  • Enhance intimacy of the couple

  • Promote communication.


In summary, these hot Nuru massage improve the quality of the couple's sexual life. And remember: enjoying sex is a very healthy experience.

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